Rough Guide Project

Collaborative piece featuring five areas of London. Each individual will explore and document one of these areas in an A3 sketchbook.

Many artists have visually recorded their opinion of London and many other cities. This has been done through the photography of cities bins, restaurant menus, things in bins etc. When documenting my area of London, I want to specify in the same way these artists have. Without this narrow approach, the research material will be varied and non-specific. It could lead to a mundane record of the area.

Area to investigate: NottingHill and Kensington

This area is very diverse. The wealth is visible throughout, with the rows of identical townhouses. However, as with any area of London, there is also relative poverty.

Recording Ideas:

Window lintel or header shapes- London, specifically, is incredibly diverse with a huge range of building ages.

Focus on the diverse nature of the area- compare the bank on one side of the street, to the underground vape store on the other.

Record of shoes- record peoples shoes as they walk past, making sure I collect all types from all parts of the area. They lot about someone, as most people choose their shoes on purpose.

Menu/ Flyer font- usually font is relative to the meaning of the writing. A menu for an Italian restaurant would vary from a reggae concert in appearance.

Amount of cigarettes on floor- this will vary depending on the specific area e.g outside a bar or outside an office block in comparison to beside a school.

featured image is taken from NottingHill- collection of stickers on drain over time



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