Exploring for the Rough Guide

When I got to Kensington, I decided to spend a few hours exploring the area I was going to be representing in this project. I collected objects, photographs and drawings from things that drew my attention. Kensington obviously celebrates its quirkiness, evident from the unique self made shops that line up just around the corner from the tube station. What really struck me, was the contrast between the eccentric shop fronts on one side of the street and the orderly town houses on the other. However, the ‘Balamory’ colour scheme of the homes seemed to create harmony between the opposing appearances.


drawing of traditional architecture church alongside modern glass, wood, steel structure house

This made me interested in the other contrasts visible in the environment. I started looking at the opposing architecture.


These contrasting shops, venues etc obviously attracted a range of demographics.


Different locations attract different types of people. Sometimes a large range and sometimes smaller. The behaviours of different demographics result in different effects on the surrounding environment, illustrated through litter, graffiti, advertisement. Hence why multiple artists have studied individual behaviours and worked on pieces from them (referenced in last post).


Many behaviours leave evidence, which makes it easier to calculate and research. Smoking is an example of this.



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