Cigarettes and Rough Guide

I started referencing cigarette butts in the locations I was looking at. Documenting the amount found, the length that was unburnt and the appearing age of the cigarette butt.

This appeared to generate a pattern. The disposal of cigarettes looked to correlate with the type of people in the area and the amount of free time they had. I started looking at multiple environments e.g office block entrances, outside pubs, side of the road, markets, homes. I was interested in the amount of cigarettes found outside these areas and the amount that had been smoked of the cigarette.


Recreational buildings had a larger amount of butts disposed outside than residential or retail. This is understandable as people will tend to have more free time if they are visiting a recreational building. Residential buildings found a range littered outside, some had a higher concentration of cigarettes than others, obviously depending on the residents. Work places or retail buildings had a consistently large amount but usually only burnt a short way down.

I started documenting areas with concentrated cigarette butts in map form. This led to show that the busy high street areas had a higher concentration disposed.

Describing environment through quick sketches on site.

combination of all information: layered mapped areas of concentrated cigarette butts, sketches of area and the cigarettes found disposed in the environment. Each area gave a different outcome and pattern.



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