Psychogeography Artists

Iain Sinclair- walked around the M25 as some kind of spiritual pilgrimage, leaving ‘his blisters with blisters’.

“Walking is virtue”- Sinclair.

This spiritual voyage allowed him to wander into parks, wastelands, countrysides etc.


When Manet got a portrait made of himself, he requested to be presented as a flaneur, not an artist. So instead of the usual appearance on an easel with a paint brush in his hand, he was shown standing with ease holding a cane. The outfit he was presented in, encouraged the idea of his ‘wandering’.


William Klein- considered “among the fathers of street photography”

“I photograph what i see in front of me, I move in close to see better and use a wide-angle lens to get as much as possible in the frame.”- Klein

He was equally a flaneur for his nontraditional approach to photography. He captured what he saw around him, not what gave the impression he wanted to portray. He was well known for his close up photography, the personal approach was revolutionary.

Not only individual artists have tackled the theme of Flaneur. Hermes’ 2015 theme was ‘Flaneur Forever’. Shop fronts were decorated by traditional inspired flaneur wear, alike to Manets in the above portrait. “a person that walks the city in order to experience” was the description of a flaneur given to the public by Hermes.

Although, Hermes did add an elegant spin on the traditional ideas of loafers, adding beautiful jewellery and classy wear for the female interpretation. Although, this could be understood by the idea that a woman of leisure, may experience the urban area by wandering.

Laura Oldfield Ford- british artist and psychogeographer. Creates pieces based on areas by collecting found or original images/texts, to describe areas, people or events. This is all collected via the situationist technique of derive.


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