Box Clever Project

Brief: find/re-purpose an existing box with a bespoke element to it. It must fit on A3 and be light enough to carry but strong enough to hold objects. Within the box, create a collection that visually inspires you. Think about the connection the objects have with one another (colour, texture, form), they may explain a narrative or sequence.

The brief explains that we will be using this material for a while and so it must be lucrative for inspiration. To allow for a large amount of information to be visible in my box, I have decided to collect a range of materials within each item. This will allow for a huge amount of textural information to be present and for me to work from.


Due to the huge range of material and colour within my box collection, I aimed to give them a common feature. To challenge the components of each material, I used a soldering iron to burn or melt through the item. Each piece had a different reaction and left a different type of mark. I think this mark making will be inspiring for my project.

Although within this image I have presented them neatly and obviously, I chose a cylinder glass box to hold them. This is due to the obvious messy nature of the pieces and the common element of negative space within my box. The negative space of the affected areas on each material and the theme of space within my box (due to the glass).

Within my box a few of the colours are really striking. I have chosen colours that would not usually be placed together as I thought this would lead for a more interesting outcome. I will probably focus on the brighter of colours as they draw my attention.


I also love the texture of the chunky knit piece. This is a good piece for attentive drawing. However, many of the other pieces have subtle texture that is also very intriguing. This is evident in the scratchy surface of the sandpaper. Light is reflected from its facade in an elegant manner contrasting to the nature of the material.


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