Winding and Wrappings

Using our box clever project, this taught session was focusing on the colours evident in our collections. My box is full of a range of colours and textures, which made it difficult to know where to start when analysing.

I decided to focus on the elements of my collection that draw my attention. The images above include the main parts of my box that I focused on. This left me with a huge array of colours to choose from, all of which are quite vivid.

Using a stiff piece of card, I began to wind and wrap yarns inspired from the colours and textures evident above. This is quite difficult as the tones within my box are hard to acquire, this meant I had to settle for similar shades. IMG_2805.JPG

Some of the wrappings, I tried to focus on a main colour from the box. However, most of them I tried to create a plaid appearance with the different tones and shades I had. I thought that, as I was already battling a large colour palette, I may as well work with the hectic theme.

I don’t think these windings are quite right. If I was to do them again, I would have restricted my colour palette slightly. This is because I appreciate the brighter colours appearing in the wrappings, but I think they might be overshadowed by the duller tones rather than supported. For example, the larger piece on the right, displays a bright orange in between the layers which I like. However, it is swallowed by the dull blue bottom of the winding. The colour combining is much more successful on this piece (at the top) than it has been on any of the others, however. The layering of the yarns has helped them to blend together.

These wrappings haven’t quite captured the brightness of my box but it was the best I could create (colour wise) with the resources. img_2500

The inspiration is not particularly clearly linked to the winding outcomes. I think this is due to my large colour palette. This could have been resolved by focusing on a smaller array of colours but it wouldn’t be accurate of my collection. The slightly random array of objects has been reflected in the wrappings, however, due to the slightly random array of yarns.


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