Knit Workshop

Looking back, knit was one of my favourite areas. I didn’t find it as difficult as the other specialisms primarily because it was mainly technical exploration and experimentation during the weeks. Once I had grasped the mechanics of the machine and understood how it functions, I was able to get work produced quite quickly which was very satisfying. I enjoyed exploring the different techniques and putting my own spin on them.

I thought it was interesting how easy it was to change technique mid way through a sample, adding a variation within the one knit. This made the samples a bit more interesting as the week went on as I was able to experiment more.

Although I make it sound like an easy two weeks, the beginning of the tutorials were very infuriating. This is due to never having used a knit machine before and having the bare minimum when it comes to patience. Midday through the first week I told myself I was not going to get frustrated anymore and I would just try to resurrect the issues without hesitation. This made the rest of the week much better. I was able to grasp the runnings of the machine and generate some knowledge in the area.

I am not a fan of all my samples but I wanted to show the different techniques and how they could be used. Some techniques were obviously used more than others e.g laddering, this was mainly because they were easier to do.

Incorporating a thicker yarn through some areas was very satisfying, this added some texture to the samples and varied them from average knitwear.

If I was to do the knit workshops again then I would begin my samples by using the right colour yarns for my box clever project. I was unable to do this due to the colours not being present within the first year yarn selection, but could have brought them from home.

I would also have not wasted time being frustrated by the machines to begin with as this was not helpful to my samples or productivity.

Upon reflection, I have been quite wary on choosing knit as a specialism. This is because it lacks ability to incorporate my love for realism drawing. Within areas like Print, it would be very easy for me to use drawings throughout my work.

On the other hand, I have always been quite interested in exploring innovative knit within interiors due to my interest in interior design. I have looking into knitting with new materials to make knit suitable for homeware, e.g kitchen cabinets?

Although this is quite a fine art response, I have always been interested in innovative interiors. The combination of interior design and knit may allow me to incorporate drawing due to designing, although this would not be the traditional stuff I am used to.


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