Stitch Workshop

Stitch notes from the first induction day

The stitch area focuses on research, a large part of the work will be drawings and photography collected to inspire your work. As long as the inspiration comes from somewhere in your own work then it is fine to use, just make sure you don’t end up with an embroidered picture.

When using materials, aim to personalise them before applying them to your work. This will help to make all your work exciting as each material is unrecognisable.

Use materials qualities for your own benefit. Polyester melts in heat which can help when adding to the quality of the piece.

Sometimes focus on a small area of a drawing rather than the whole image. A small amount of detail that really draws your attention is more important.

In the workshop

On the first day in the workshop, starting this project was pretty daunting. Within the material I have to work from, there is such a large amount of information.  The ability to decide on the inspiration for the stitch pieces is near impossible for someone as indecisive as myself.

I decided to focus on the drawing I had finished of the yarn piece (A2 piece from drawing workshop). This is due to the large amount of information given within this drawing. A feature of the knit that I drew upon for the drawing was the frizzy textural element to the yarn. This is evident in the sketchy edging of the drawing.

Within the pieces above, I have tried to create a structured interpretation of how the yarn will separate and disperse of its own accord.

In the image on the left, the brill of a sponge has aided to appear alike to the melted and burnt edging of many of my pieces within my Box Clever Project. The rough texture of the material is alike to the hard exterior of my fabrics when melted or distressed.


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