Stitch workshop

I found the first few days of stitch quite difficult. This was because I wasn’t really sure what direction to take my project in as there were no obvious motifs within my box clever research. I began by focusing on the burnt holes within my pieces, leading me to a very basic curvilinear motif with ‘damage’ around the edge (represented in many different ways). After looking at this for a while, it became clear I wasn’t going to be creating anything particularly riveting down this path.

Thankfully, we had a tutorial within the weeks of stitch that allowed me to talk through my project with an external opinion. I was asked to suggest exactly which parts of my box clever collection stand out to me. This included, the design within my knit sample (the knit itself and the way the thick yarn turns on itself), the fraying around the edge of my knitting and my cotton samples and the effect of the burn on the samples that melted and became hard.

Using this as inspiration motivated my project, as it had been very slow to begin with. I was able to focus on the twisting of the yarn and recreated this through strips of my cotton that allowed me to pull away the warp from the weft. This left me with a frayed edge, similar to the fluffy knit sample, I then utilised this by using it as a design feature for my samples.

My favourite sample is the bottom right due to the way the fabrics fold around each other and expose their weft. However, I would want to continue along this path to create a better design if I had more time. I think the idea is there but it is not executed very well within that sample.

If I was to do the stitch workshop again, I would spend more time at the beginning of the week focusing on the parts of my project that inspired me so far. Due to my lack of motivation at the beginning, I do not believe that I made the most out of these workshops and believe I could have created a better range of samples. I don’t think my box clever project was very easily transmitted into this format but it could have been helped by more thought when starting. Many of my samples are quite obvious, I think, which made me dislike the workshops. I should have recognised the issue and resolved it, instead I wasted quite a bit of time on samples I disliked.


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