British Museum Drawing Visit

When visiting this Museum, I decided to only focus on the things that aesthetically interest me. This was mainly to narrow down the possible material inspiration quickly so I could make my way through most of the rooms. I did not focus on textiles or fabric pieces specifically, although I was drawn to them when they were present in a room. Having been mainly attracted by colour, I chose to draw in black and white, to return the focus to the form.

Most of the rooms contained three-dimensional artefacts. These were intriguing as they allowed for depth and created a tactile quality to my drawings. Generating realism within my sketches has always been important for me, which made the sculptures (especially figurative) interesting to recreate within my sketchbook.

I was also really interested in the pieces that conveyed movement or a sense of weight. This can be seen within ‘Mans Cloth’ by El Anatsui in the African Room (Room 25), shown above. The reflective nature of this piece, along with the folded way it has been presented, creates a very interesting drawing.


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