Drawing workshop

The drawing workshop started by creating a range of marks onto an A1 page. These marks could be done with all the media we had present (which for me was an unsatisfactory mechanical pencil). Using all edges of the lead and the rubber, I tried my best to document as many marks as possible.


These marks were then used to help represent part of our box. We were told to select one piece from our box and use our marks to really encapsulate the nature of the desired object. I chose my favourite piece from my box, the knit sample. This was because I knew that I would create the best drawing from this as it has depth and detail.

I was quite happy with the outcome of this drawing, even if it did take me hours. The use of wispy faint mark making helped to suggest the fluffy fraying of the knit sample, whilst the edge of my pencil gave depth and shade to the thick knit areas.

We were told to make three drawings, the second was to be either a different piece from our box or the same object from a different angle. I decided to focus on a small area of my knit sample as there is a huge amount of in depth detail within it. I looked at the area of the burn so I could represent the thick plastic burns that surround the hole. I thought these were interesting as they contrast so greatly with the softness of the rest of the sample.

Though I didn’t like the second drawing quite as much, it vaguely represented the area I had been focusing on so I left it. I was unable to do the third drawing as the other two took me so long and I thought I had enough information to use the drawings for my other projects.


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