The swatchbook I am creating is based on the patterns, textures, colours etc generated by the collection within my Box Clever Project. Within an A4 sketchbook, I have divided pages up to create arrange different designs in an array of sizes. This allows me to develop upon some ideas, enlarging them and embellishing the preexisting pattern.

In the colour section, I decided to take all the colours present in my box and represent them in the closest colour I had. If I was going to do this task again, I would focus on a specific colour scheme as I think the pages are too busy to appreciate the pattern and the source of its inspiration. I prefer the monochrome pages for this reason, they appear more effective.

When given the task, I was aware of how many pages were expected but I have a very short attention span. This meant that the task took me a long time to complete as I separated the workload over a period of time. Unfortunately, this meant I was lazy in some areas of the book, evidenced particularly towards the end, with the large colour icons.

To make up for this, I am going to add some more colour samples onto the end, using the colour scheme I am interested in. I am going to focus on my favourite features of my box for these samples.

My favourite swatchbooks tend to be more detailed within each icon, clearly they have more patience than I do. These samples tended to be restricting to a colour range e.g pastel, meaning all the samples collaborated better on the page. Within my new swatches, I will try to focus on the positives of the other swatches I have seen to generate some more effective samples.


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