Digital Print

I really enjoyed digital print as it included basic pencil drawing, which I’ve been missing within the course. I also loved how easy it was to generate a piece out of my own work.

Within in each of the prints, I incorporated my own drawing so I add some depth to them. My favourite pieces are the first four. I like the effective nature of the hand and shoes, with my print design featured behind. The second two, with the nude figure, are probably my all time favourites as I have always been quite proud of that charcoal drawing. In the background I have used a drawing of knit within the squares and an image I took during my screen printing days.

The last two pieces I don’t like as much due to their lack of depth. Beneath are the drawings I have done alongside to help choose what to use within the prints. Each one was inspired by the prints and swatchbook samples to generate a ‘fashion design’ to place within the final pieces. Although I did not use all of them, they were submitted alongside my work as I spent quite a long time making them individually presentable.

I wish I had more time in digital print as I felt a few days was not enough as I had no explored my theme properly yet. I much preferred digital print to screen printing and have debated taking print simply for the digital side but I do not think that would be wise as I am so tragic at screen printing.


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