Weave- Intro

Group Discussion:

Focus on colours and textures within the work to decide on the sorts of yarn that you will need to use. Within my work I have evidenced a frayed texture. This is shown through my mark making in drawings and swatch book designs. In terms of colour, mustard yellows and blues have been consistent, with an addition of red at times. The mustard is the colour that stands out to me the most.

Weaving uses weft and warp rather than loops, like knit. Within both, it is easier to generate geometric patterns. Within knitting I have always thought that the textures of the yarn generate the outcome. Having researched weaving samples, I believe this true of weave as well. The use of different size and texture yarns gives the piece its exact identity rather than the pattern, which is more evident in stitch.

When looking at my work:

Showed my box collection and discussed the concept- burning holes into different fabrics and materials to see the alternative outcomes- then looked at my wrappings and windings and discussed my sketches from my box.


Identify the colours within my work and use them to my advantage. I think I should take this information from my fabric from print as this was my favourite colour scheme. 

Continue drawing using colour to generate concepts. I’ve begun this by looking at my swatchbook for inspiration. Within it, there is colour and design that could be used for my weave samples. The main problem I am experiencing with this is that most of my designs are curvilinear, patterns difficult to create in weave.

Discussed that I could generate a weave and then burn it as well. Return the concept back to its original form as it is important to my project. I think I could also experiment with burning the strips before I even weave them, create a distressed but STRUCTURALLY CAPABLE weave. 

Another idea I have had is to reenact the pattern created by the strands of cottons within a material when they are interrupted. This should appear similar to the technique of laddering in knitwear.




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