Weave Market Research

Cécile Feilchenfeldt:

Cécile Feilchenfeldt

This piece is basic in design but effective in appearance. The dramatic nature of the colour and bold netted pattern bond together to create a highly sophisticated fashion textile. I have always been a fan of basic but dramatic within fashion, e.g the bold shaping of Chanel garments and simple pattern. The attention remains on the main feature of the garment rather than features battling for concentration.

Chanel Spring 2014 PFW:

Contradictory to my last statement, this is a Chanel piece. The classic bold Chanel shape is evident but you can see a clear aim to remodel the traditions of the brand. However, despite the range of hues and the textural additions, somehow the piece is still modest due to the restrained geometric emphasis within the design.

tamiko kawata detailTamiko Kawata

Windows- Tamiko Kawata

This piece is made with paper clips, using the same weft and warp design as a weave, it is technically classed as one. The basic but repetitive nature of this piece is really effective,  the traditional art of labour is evident within the piece giving it historical approval. I am interested by the comparison of appearance from different angles, the piece has a different ambience when seen from afar. The safety pins are given a new found value when presented in this way.


I am interested by the weave artists who use alternative materials to traditional yarn as it can be very effective as a fine art piece. However, in relation to fashion or useful textiles, the plain weaves appear more effective to me. This is mainly because of my interest in texture and colour above pattern or design.

Whilst weaving in the studio, I have been acutely aware of my use of plain weave or basic repetitive designs rather than the busy pieces other artists have used. This studio session, I am going to focus on colour and negative space within my samples.


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