Evaluation of Blog

Blogging my process has allowed me to keep track of my thoughts and ideas, letting me go back to evaluate and plan them. I have also been able to challenge the ideas I have had at the beginning of a specialism due to increased knowledge, allowing me to adapt them if necessary.

I have found it really helpful to document lectures through summarising, as it has helped me to identify the areas I have a key interest in. This has allowed me to then research these areas at a later date, such as the postmodernism v. feminism post. Within the reading for that blog post, I learnt a lot about the civil rights movement, although not specifically relevant, I did find it very interesting. It has also become quite important for me to grasp the historical context behind the relevant material, which has been made easier due to my blog notes.

Having a blog containing all of my research and visits, has increased the accessibility of material to draw or work from. This has allowed me to work anywhere, not restricting my three-dimensional work to the studio.

I found it quite difficult to sit down to write my blog, however, once I had started, it was quite hard to stop. Writing a post made me think about what I had done and how I could have done it differently, rather than the mindless nature of just drawing without intent or purpose. Although most of my posts are a stream of consciousness, I hope that it is easily understood by someone other than myself. In future, I hope to have time to test my blog by letting someone else read it before submission.

Having a vast array of ‘types’ of posts (e.g lecture notes, museum tasks, workshop reviews) meant that I was able to have a selection of blogs going at once so that I kept myself interested. This generally meant that I would be writing for quite a while in one sitting which I found easier to do. This may be why my blogs are inconsistent in length.

If I was doing my blog again, I would make sure I keep the entries in order of dates as I left some unfinished to add pictures etc, meaning they were posted out of sync. Although that is not a problem at the moment, it would be easier to grasp the nature of my work.

At the beginning of my blog, I found it difficult to concentrate on the task that I was documenting as I became distracted. I also did this when reflecting on my own work, making some of the reflections inadequate in comparison. To stop myself from doing this in the future, I will write a list of questions to answer before I begin writing. Having started using this method later on in my posts, I have found it to be very helpful for concise writing.



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