Knit Within Interiors

Originally, knit was a home craft but soon was taken over by the mass-production industry, making it cheaper and quicker to produce. This meant that gradually needle craft got lost with younger generations as we failed to recognise the point as it is time consuming. However, when the economy became unstable there was an increase in hand crafts, including DIY, crocheting, knitting, weaving etc. This means there are now more innovative and inspirational techniques developed in knit.

Through this new found inspiration, knit has advanced into a variety of interiors, including knitted pillar cozies.

Mediacom Offices:

mediacom office

Yarn is being utilised in different ways, including a huge interest in chunky knit..

Despite the development in knit, I think there is a huge market for innovation in this area. Although there are signs of knit within the home, it is not utilised as much as it could be.

A change in the materials used to knit could adapt what knit is capable of doing, therefore increasing its productivity within interiors. An example of this is; using fire retardant material to knit a lining for kitchen cabinets.

Although knit has a reputation for being soft and fluffy, the technique can be used to create the same texture but a different purpose.


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