Evaluation of course

During my time on the course, I have been thrown by my interests. When I started at CCA, I was thoroughly convinced I wanted to study stitch and focus on surface design and embellishment. However, stitch ended up being my least favourite specialism area, resulting in a much wider choice than I first imagined.

Having the same inspiration, the box clever project, throughout specialisms, allowed me to develop on my own work in a variety of medium. I found this more interesting than starting new projects every time, as my work appears as a vast collection rather than lots of small blocks. If I was to produce a box clever again, I would choose objects with more detail and personality, this would have allowed me to have more pictorial information. Instead, I have focused on a small selection of the objects within my box, the knit piece and the two two-tone fabrics.

I have found it quite difficult to incorporate my love for pencil drawing into the course, despite the drawing sessions we have had. This is because these workshops have been focusing on new found mark making and out-of-box thinking. Although I have enjoyed this method, I would have liked to include more basic informational drawing to work from. If I was starting the projects again, I would have focused more on recording the objects within my box at the beginning, so that I could use these for my projects.

During the specialisms, we have experienced industrial machines that I have never used before. I have really enjoyed learning the techniques of the industry, despite the difficulties faced. I believe I could have made the sessions more useful and productive if I had researched the techniques further before the workshops, ensuring I made use of the time in the studio rather than struggling with the technical issues.

Having lectures to give historical context to textiles have been very informative. Many of the subjects projected have interested me to the point of further research, although I have found it difficult to concentrate for such long periods of time on the power points. Despite this, they have been posted online, allowing me to catch up and re-read the areas I have missed.

I feel I may have struggled more than some other students on the course, although everyone has separate strengths, so this does not worry me too much. For the next stage of this year, however, I plan on focusing more on the beginning research, to collect as much information as I can to develop my work further and quicker.


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